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7 Tips That Can Add Value To Your Lake Home

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Actual SOLD Listing Actual SOLD Listing 643 Crowne Pointe Lafollette. TN List Price $3,900,000

Knoxville, TN - Although making home improvements does not guarantee an increase in the value of your lake house, it will at the very least make you more competitive against your competition. The value you create now will increase over time. Specific home improvements can increase your property value above the cost of the improvements themselves — such as remodeling a kitchen, adding a bathroom and even upgrading landscaping.

Just be sure to remember that quality pays with remodeling. A bad remodeling job will do little to boost your property value. Savvy home buyers will be able to easily identify the things wrong with your home. Use these tips to help increase the value of your home and enjoy the rewards when it is time to sell your home.

1. Updated Kitchen - This includes any of the following: kitchen appliances, cabinetry, tile backsplashes, counter-tops and flooring. Try to use natural materials. If your appliances are older than 3-5 years, you should consider purchasing new ones. Using top of the line appliances with stainless steel or a professional series that integrates with the cabinetry are sure to help home buyers take a second glance.

2. Master Bedroom & Bath upgrades - The master bedroom should feel like a suite. Adding dimming features and recessed lighting create an ambiance of high value. Closet storage is one of the easiest and often overlooked upgrades. The bathroom and shower should also provide spa like features with oversized tubs, large shower heads and tiled floors.

3. Modern Fixtures - This can be anything from kitchen and bathroom with plumbing fixtures more than 10 years old. Brushed nickel, antique copper and brass fixtures are inexpensive and easy to replace. Your home should have a unified look throughout.

4. Going Green - Upgrading or adding Eco-friendly home improvements can have a big return on investment including tax incentives. Going Green can include water saving plumbing fixtures, tank-less hot water heaters to energy efficient appliances.

5. Landscaping - Invest in curb appeal. Well manicured lawns, trimmed landscaping and a clean driveway help create a greater buyer appeal.

6. Quality Roof - Roofs older than 15 years should be inspected and possibly replaced. A quality new roof will not only protect but add value to the home. Use clay tiles, copper, slate or standing metal seam instead of the standard asphalt shingles.

7. Energy Saving Windows - Installing Energy Star qualified windows lowers energy bills and saves money. Use double paned windows, windows with integral window treatments or insulated varieties all equate to saving energy. Well-placed skylights are also a good touch that can add value.


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